Centre For Physiotherapist Diagnosis

We help Children to achieve their optimal physical development. We have special knowledge in the movement development and conditions that are likely to affect the baby and growing chilly and trat from 1 days old baby to allurements. We encourage children to move to the best of their abilities through play and age appropriate fun and instruction.

Out treatment involves soft tissue massage mobilization stretching specific  threptic exercise and posture education by using advance services.

We do offer treatment for conditions suggest such as:-

– Cerebral palsy 
–  Down syndrome ( Trisomy 21)
–  Duchenne muscular dystrophy
–  Dysphagia
–  Erb’s palsy
–  Flexion deformity of knee
–  Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
–  Physical inactivity in children with asthma
–  Volkmann’s Contracture
–  Traumatic brain injury
–  Congenital hand deformities
–  Brachial plexus injury